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Today, I determine to use my time wisely.  I will do only things that will reproduce success in my life – things that will produce happiness, health and wealth.  Today, I seize the moment.  I seize the time.  I plan to succeed and work my plan.

Until you get angry, sick and tired of what you are, you will not change.  Until you get sick, frustrated and disgusted with how you are living your life in the daily, mundane activities, you will just trudge along and live your life like the other people around you.  However, if you really want to see change, irreversible change in your life, you must become dissatisfied with living to the everyday drum beat of this life.

If you want to see change, you and only you can orchestrate change in your life.  It is only you who can get up tomorrow, get a piece of paper and start setting goals and objectives for your life.  Are you angry?  Yes, you ought to be angry with yourself for being a 33 year old couch potato (you can substitute your age) just looking at your television set night and day.  Have you ever wondered how much money the people you are watching in a movie make?  Now, do not get me wrong.  I am speaking to those who have no self control.  It is good to have a few hours of television a day, but when you spend your entire evenings during the week just looking at the television set you are in need of self control.

After you have done your regular job, what do you do with your spare time?  How you use your spare time determines if you are pursing the successful life.  Nothing motivates us more than constant exposure to success.  Therefore expose yourself to life’s success.  One avenue is to read information on what you want to pursue now in your life.  The more informed you are the more proficient you will be in your pursuits.

Today, you can earn a fortune if you will take advantage of time and are willing to pay the price of hard work.  Time is your most valuable asset.  Time coupled with a plan and a strategy to fulfill your plans equals success.  Time lost can never be regained.  However, time lost can be redeemed by using the time that you have now to your advantage.  Remember that tomorrow’s time is not wasted.

Tomorrow is fresh, ready to work for you!  You can turn over a new leaf, tomorrow.  One thing you must remember is that you are getting older and time is passing you by.  Do not allow yourself to say, “I could have owned that business or that mansion.”